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05/05/2021 Podcasts Season 2 Episode 13 Conservation canines
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03/05/2021 Podcasts A special bonus episode reveals our new podcasting project.
The dog training dictionary.
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28/04/2021 Podcasts Season 2 Episode 12 Borders Brilliant Brain
This Episode I talk to Martina Miradoli abpou Borders btrilliant brains, what collies are bred for, the diffrence...
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21/04/2021 Podcasts Season 2 episode 11 Big dogs with Claire Staines
This episode i talk with Claire Staines from Lothlorian dog training about life with Ridgebacks, training, pet peeves...
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18/04/2021 Blog posts Our first hoopers competition blog
We went to our first Hoopers competition, and he was a good dog. Before I Start this is not my first show or...
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14/04/2021 Podcasts Season 2 Episode 10 Spanish water dogs and asking for training help.
This episode we are visiting Spain to talk about Spanish water dogs and dog training. Why is it important to ask for...
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07/04/2021 Podcasts Season 2 Episode 9 of course you can train a bull terrier.
This Episode i talk to KIrsty Lewis about bull terriers, Dog training, agility and hoopers and why Bull terriers can be...
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31/03/2021 Podcasts Season 2 Episode 8 The positive Belgian
This episode I talk to Natasja Lewis about Belgian Shepherds, Malinois are probably the best known of the four types of...
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24/03/2021 Podcasts Season 2 episode 7 Talking terriers and littermates with Jodie O'Connell
This episode i talk to Jodie O'Connell from Cariad dog training in Wales about training terriers, Littermate...
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19/03/2021 Podcasts Season 2 Episode 6 Dog Training
I talk to Nick about the Amazon Prime show The pack, dog stuff and small dogs. WARNING this episode maybe controversial...
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