Canine Hoopers World code of conduct.

Code of conduct complaints procedure – violation of ethics.
CHW Management, Manager and Founder – Carrie-Anne Selwyn
Mediator and Complaints Officer – Laura Simpson-Hall
Under these guidelines CHW considers six types of complaints regarding violation of our ethics:
1.) Alleged use of stealing other professional’s images/infographic or intentionally copying other members content. 
2.) Alleged use of equipment or methods that causes unnecessary discomfort, both physical or mental, to either human or pet clients. 
3.) Alleged bullying or harassment.
4.) Safeguarding issues; including taking advantage of vulnerable members or clients and/or any sexual harassment or abuse. 
5.) The use of spam or unethical marketing practices, such as unauthorised messages selling products or services
6.) Poor or inadequate advice or support to clients; this includes failure to offer ongoing support or failure to help (once agreeing to take on your role) due to lack of knowledge/experience. 
CHW may choose to deal with a matter according to either one or more of our ethics is dependent on the nature of the allegation.   
How to report a complaint
Reports of alleged violation of our ethics and terms and conditions will be handled according to each policy as stated above. 
The responsibility for the investigation of alleged ethic violations is designated to CHW Management and the CHW Mediator and Complaints Officer.  
How to file a report of an alleged ethics violation
The individual filing the alleged violation must present the allegation to Carrie-Anne Selwyn in writing to [email protected] and this will be passed onto our Mediator and Complaints Officer. You will be then be sent a complaints form to fill in.   Report receipt
a) CHW will acknowledge receipt of the alleged violation without comment within 48 hours of receipt.
b) Reports will be kept confidential by all parties; this means no information about the complaint will be discussed with any other person other than CHW Management team and the Mediator and Complaints Officer. If confidentiality is breached it may be considered a violation of our ethics and terms and conditions. 
c) CHW Management will forward the complaint to the Mediator and Complaints Officer. The details of the complaint will be kept confidential in order to preserve the ability to fairly and objectively interact with the member.
a) CHW will review the complaint. If necessary, they will gather more information and schedule an interview with the complainant via phone. 
b) If the initial review indicates that the complaint is not a violation of CHW ethics and terms and conditions, then the complainant will be notified in writing and no investigation will be pursued unless further facts or evidence is proffered.
c) Once all the information and sufficient evidence has been gathered, CHW Management will make a decision based on the individual case and nature of the incident involved, this may include: Appeal  
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