Thinking of becoming a Canine Hoopers World instructor. Our instructor course is taught by a fully qualified and accredited trainer. Hoopers is a low cost, low impact activity that will be a great addition to your classes or individual training sessions. Fun to teach and suitable for all breeds and ages. Canine Hoopers World instructors follow our code of conduct. Our instructor course will allow you to teach hoopers confidently and safely with full back up from our safe and friendly community of CHWI. To access our online course after purchase simply log into your account.

Canine Hoopers World instructor benefits.

Access to a private CHWI Facebook group.
Marketing material.
Canine Hoopers World instructor badge.
8 weeks of lesson plans.
Be able to become a CHW assessor and offer clients the Canine Hoopers World progress awards.


Membership is available to all CHWI on completion of their instructors course.

Canine Hoopers World membership benefits-

Be added to the find a trainer section on the website.
Access to Canine Hoopers World progress levels.
Canine Hoopers World Assessors badge.
Ability to order progress rosettes.
Special kit sets from
Only CHWI assessors can assess the levels.
Members only webinars (International) and events (UK).
Discount on affliate products.

Code of Conduct

Canine Hoopers World code of conduct.
As a Canine Hoopers World Instructor you are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism, and use force free, modern training methods when teaching hoopers.
The use of aversive methods is not permitted in a Canine Hoopers World class. This includes harsh handling, physical corrections and use of prong, choke, semi choke, e collar, spray collar, vibrating collars and head collars. 
Dogs can train in a flat collar or suitable fitted Y or H style harness. Harnesses that restrict free movement in the shoulder are not advised such as a tracking harness.

Tags should be worn if training in public. Note UK competition rules only permit flat tags that sit flush to the collar when competing.
If using a lead or long line this MUST be attached to a harness NOT a collar to prevent injury to the dog.
Trainers are expected to encourage the dog and handler to work as a team, and set each pair up for success. Deliberately cause a dog to fail is not permitted.
Exercises can and should be broken down or simplified to help the dog understand and achieve the exercise goal. 
Courses are to be flowing with a starter distance of around 3-5m between obstacles.

Tunnels MUST have a straight entry and exit if they are being used. 
Hoopers is designed to be super inclusive of handler and dog, age, fitness and size should not effect their ability to train. If a dog is unwell or appears unwell, you as the trainer must advise the dog stops training and if appropriate recommend a vet visit. 
If a dog appears lame do not allow them to continue training.
Ensure dogs are properly warmed up and cooled down before and after class. Make sure handlers understand why this is advised.


I did the Canine Hoopers Instructor Course, at the beginning of August. The course was a two day course. Dogs where welcome as a lot of hands on learning was involved. 
Carrie -Anne was amazing with not only the Dogs , ensuring they were safe and comfortable with the environment and the tasks instructed to them.
Carrie-Anne also used her vast knowledge and wealth of experience to work with all of us on our individual levels. I found this perfect as I was a complete novice and was so worried about being out of my depth. However with Carrie-Anne’s reassurance and ability to make the course fun, and interesting, kept me wanting to keep trying.
It’s true to say I think if it was not for Carrie-Anne I would of given up on my dream of working with Dogs.
I am still learning on a daily basis, via Carrie-Anne’s Canine Hoopers World Groups, which is sooo supporting and I throughly enjoy feeling part of this “Big Amazing Crazy Dog family.”
Thank you so much Carrie-Anne, you are inspirational 

Nicki D CHWI

I had the pleasure of attending the “Hoopers” Instructors and learning Workshop held in Australia in 2019.
It was my first insight into this sport/activity. Carrie-Anne was a fantastic, energetic presenter. She certainly demonstrated and conveyed in way that no matter what your learning style and understanding of what was being presented, you did not feel overwhelmed or out of your depth.
“Hoopers” being a low impact and very fun activity that any dog and owner can participate in. Even if you only want to do it with your dog at home you can!! I have a young Rottweiler with Hip Dysplasia, Sub Aortic Stenosis (heart condition), that is able to do this at home, which he enjoys every time he gets to have a turn.
Very soon I hope to be able to offer classes on this to others as well. 
Thank you Carrie-Anne for coming to Australia to teach us

Kerry C.
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